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Genie Benavides, RN

I am the daughter of this client of yours and I would like to inform you of my mother’s death on May 5, 2011. It is because of your services and your hearing aids that my mother’s last 2 years were so much better. When she came to live with us I found her to becoming withdrawn. I ascertained it was due to her hearing loss. I prayed for what company for hearing aids to go when I got your advertisement and felt I was led to you. We went to your office on Med Court and was serviced by a wonderful person, Dennis Hackney, who took patient time with my mother to test her and determine which hearing aids were better for her. We purchased them and I told Dennis it was more important to us to have good service than anything else. From then on he made home visits making sure my mother had repetitive training to use the digital devices for and with her hearing aids. He made her feel special and thoroughly trained her. It helped her immensely and I will be forever grateful for what he and your company did for my mother. In the Bible it says, “a good name is chosen rather than riches”. You have a good name! I thank you so much and will always recommend you to others.

Charles T. Meadows, M.D.

The main reason that I am writing this letter is to emphasize his work with hearing aids. He is an excellent technician when it comes to fitting hearing aids and there is no doubt in my mind that he is one of the best. One of the reasons that I can say that is because he actually fitted me and I ended up with a programmable unit in both ears and have been delighted with the service, etc. Larry insists that his patients have good follow up and there is never any squabble about it’s going to be fixed right or they will have to know why. Just to add a personal note – Larry is well thought of in the community. He is married and happily so. I would recommend Larry as your hearing aid specialist without any problem and know that he will follow through very well.

Tiffany Gold

My two year old little girl, Ellie, has a permanent, bilateral hearing loss, which was diagnosed at birth. In April of 2010, it was time for my husband and I to purchase hearing aids for Ellie.Thus, I began to call every hearing center and hearing instrument specialist in the San Antonio and Boerne area listed on the internet. After making over 20 phone calls, I was blessed to find the SA Hearing Center off Judson Road. A very helpful lady, Maudi, patiently listened to what my (Ellie’s) needs were and told me a gentleman named Dennis would be calling me back to see if he could possibly help me find hearing aids for Ellie. I was beyond thrilled to hear this!! Dennis returned my call within 24 hours and explained to me that he has never dealt with pediatrics, but would be happy to meet with me to discuss my options & Ellie’s needs. During the appointment I had with Dennis, I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, compassion, and empathy he had toward Ellie and his career. I could tell he truly enjoyed what he does and would do anything he could to get hearing aids for my little Ellie. After many phone calls to different hearing aid companies made by Dennis, many emails back and forth from Dennis, and negotiating a very fair price for the hearing aids, Ellie received her Oticon Safari hearing aids in May 2010. She loves them!!
I must tell you this letter is long over due. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your services and more importantly your staff.This letter does not do them justice. Your staff know me by name when I call the office, ask me about Ellie every time I see/speak to them, have been available by cell phone and email 7 days/week, and go the extra mile to make sure Ellie is hearing to the best of her abilities.They hold a special place in my heart as they have truly made a positive impact on Ellie’s hearing, learning, and life


I have lived with single-sided deafness (SSD) for nearly 50 years. I heard about a hearing aid system called the Phonak CROS that could help me overcome
the challenges of SSD. Within a short time, I was fitted with hearing aids and life began to change immediately!

For the first time, I could clearly hear people talking on my deaf side. I began to hear crisply a variety of sounds that were previously muffled. My confidence has grown when participating in group conversations, using the telephone, attending meetings and other social functions because I can now hear what people are saying regardless of their position to me. My self-esteem has improved dramatically because I can engage others to accomplish tasks without worry or fear of missing important instructions or information. My wife has noticed a remarkable difference as well. It has been fun and wonderful to be able to communicate free of concern for where we stand or sit in various situations throughout the day.

Concerning the New Braunfels Hearing Center (NBHC), the staff is remarkable! My first call was answered by Maudi the receptionist and secretary. Maudi has a warm, kind and caring manner. Right away I was made to feel important and that they would ensure I would be helped with nothing less than superior service. Dennis Hackney is the adept technician that tested my hearing and evaluated my situation. In addition to professionalism and a physician-like approach, Dennis has a calm, patient and reassuring demeanor. He was complete and thorough in all aspects of the process while listening to my concerns and answering all questions. Dennis left no doubt the appropriate solution to my hearing difficulties would be found.

In the days and weeks that followed my initial fitting, the NBHC has continued to provide outstanding service and support while I adjusted to my new hearing aids. The NBHC is a first class establishment that epitomizes service excellence and customer care. As the proprietor, Larry Taylor has made it a calling to help others achieve and maintain the highest quality of life through better hearing. He is affable and sincere in his contact with me and his clients.

My deepest expression of gratitude is extended to Larry, Dennis and Maudi. It is always a pleasure to visit the NBHC and I highly recommend anyone with hearing difficulties call upon Larry and his dedicated staff for help.

Joe S., San Antonio

A & B Hearing Aid and Audiology Center has cared for my hearing needs for nearly 30 years. During that time, the professional and ethical standards by the Center’s audiologists and hearing aid dispensers have been consistently of the highest order. My hearing aids have always incorporated the latest advancements in technology. The Farris Family and their staff are the consummate professionals who are dedicated to improving the lifestyles of the hearing impaired.


Hello Vanessa, Paul LOVES his new hearing aids. We could not pry them out of his hands if we wanted to. He loves the iPhone app and is noticing all kinds of new high frequency sounds he was missing. Thank you so much for suggesting them. He had no idea what he was missing.

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