Welcome to IMAGINE VS with Think Technology, where design and performance intersect to create an unparalleled listening experience.  More powerful and precise than ever before, IMAGINE VS is patient proven to deliver a high quality listening experience.

And with the introduction of Vivid Speech, we have designed a solution to address the biggest problem hearing aid wearers have had to date – hearing comfortably in noisy situations.

We also offer the first and only custom-fit invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid.  Called Miniscopic, it is completely invisible, and like all IMAGINE VS instruments, totally designed to fit your lifestyle.

Whether you have been waiting for a hearing aid that significantly reduces listening effort or an option that is completely invisible, your wait is over.

IMAGINE VS hearing aids with Think Technology are sleek, elegant and hardly noticeable – allowing you to participate more fully in conversations and with the Miniscopic your friends and co-workers cannot detect your hearing aid.

Hearing Aid performance has just made a quantum leap with Think Technology.  You will enjoy smooth, comfortable sound processing, virtual elimination of feedback and automatic adjustment for different environments.  The new IMAGINE VS Hearing Aids with Think Technology – are incredibly powerful and sophisticated yet barely visible when worn.

Imagine VS Hearing Aids with Vivid Speech Think Technology

Nu-Ear’s exciting, new technology Vivid Speech Think Technology – uses multi-core processing, similar to the technology in today’s most advanced computers, to provide three times more power than previous technologies for the best performance.  Vivid Speech Think Technology takes features that were already best in class to an entirely new level, offering comfortable, high resolution sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments.  The complex programs in the hearing aid eliminate feedback, provide optimal performance in noise, enhance telephone listening and keep track of information about the hearing instrument itself.   Nu Ear’s focus on the patient experience in research and development has helped elevate this technology to the next level.

Advanced Programming for Every Situation
Chances are you can hear the voices that are directly in front of you when in quiet situations.  But have trouble when the noise levels increase, like when you are in a restaurant with family and friends.  The most advanced modern digital hearing instruments are designed to constantly analyze the sounds of various environments and automatically select the appropriate programming mode for specific situations.  Vivid Speech Think Technology ensures that your hearing aid can classify and react to a wide range of environmental sounds to provide comfort and better understanding to even the noisiest situations.

No More Intrusive Background Noise and Feedback
The biggest problem that hearing aid wearers experience is that annoying whistle called feedback, which can be caused by a number of things, such as hugging a loved one, having the hearing aid brushed by hair or simply being outside on a windy day.  Thanks to a breakthrough feature called feedback cancellation, Nu-Ear hearing aids virtually eliminate whistling and buzzing.

Optimal Listening on the Phone
Anyone who wears hearing instruments knows telephone conversations can sometimes be difficult.  With Automatic Telephone Response, the hearing aid virtually eliminates feedback while automatically adjusting for optimal communication on the telephone.